What have you been doing with your talents?

20/11/2023 Por IAA

18th november 2023

Last Sunday Jesus told a parable about 10 girls waiting for the groom. In this story, Jesus is the groom who comes to meet us, and we are the ones who wait for him, acting prudently or recklessly. Whether or not we are aware of his coming!

This Sunday, Jesus tells another parable: there was a master who went on a journey and gave a treasury to each of his servants. He gave it to each one according to his ability and when he returned,he asked what each one had done with what he had received.

The question God asks us this Sunday is: what have you done with what you’ve received? What have you done with the gifts and talents that I have entrusted to you?

To answer this question we have to start from the first point:

1. Recognise the talents you have received

– Everyone has been given talents.

God’s word is clear: “God has given gifts to each one. 1 Peter 4:10. “God has given each of us different spiritual gifts.” Romans 12:6.

– Each one received “according to his ability” (for one 5, for another 2 and for yet another 1) Matthew 25:15.

– What are your talents?

If you think you don’t have any, you’re wrong. Then ask people who know you well what talents God has given you.

The real purpose of a talent is not to boast in one’s own virtue, but to glorify God.

2. Use your gifts for the good of others.

“Be good stewards of the different gifts you have received from God. Let each one use his own gift for the good of others!” 1 Peter 4:10

“Freely you have received, freely give!” Matthew 10:8

God has given each of us gifts to develop and conditions to improve them. As well as giving us gifts, God has given us the way to develop our qualities. That’s why we must develop our talents and gifts to worship God and build up the lives of our brothers and sisters.

– What have you been doing with your gifts? What have you done with the gift that is your body? What have you been doing with the people God has placed in your life? What have you been doing with your job? What have you been doing with your studies?

3. Dangers of receiving talents

– Ignorance – not knowing that “God has given gifts to each one”. 1 Peter 4:10.

– Pride – Thinking we are better than others “And if you have received it, why are you proud, as though you had not received it?” 1 Corinthians 4:7

– Laziness – Knowing what gifts I have but not exercising them because it’s too much work. “Wicked and lazy servant”. Matthew 25:26

– Fear – Being afraid of not being able or of failing. Being afraid of what others will think – “I was afraid and hid your gold in the ground.” Matthew 25:25


– Make a list of your 10 gifts and/or talents

– Tell your friends, children, spouse, 5 gifts and/or talents they have.

– See what you’ve been doing with them and exercise 2 new ones.