How to live under Jesus’ authority?

27/01/2024 Por IAA

Living day by day under Jesus’ authority is a choice that requires surrender, trust and a willingness to follow his teachings. In this Sunday’s gospel, Mark 1:21-28, we can extract three essential points to apply in our daily lives and experience Jesus’ authority in our lives.

1. The importance of Jesus’ teaching.

In Mark 1:22, we read that the people in the synagogue marvelled at the way Jesus taught: “because He taught them with authority and not like the scribes.” Jesus didn’t just pass on knowledge and repeat what others had said, He touched people’s hearts.

In the same way, living under Jesus’ authority implies prioritizing his Word and his teachings. This means studying the Bible regularly, meditating on God’s Word and applying it to our lives. By putting into practice what we have learnt from Jesus, we will experience His transforming power in us.

2. Jesus’ authority over evil forces.

In verse 27, we see that an “unclean spirit” recognized Jesus’ authority and obeyed His command to come out of the possessed man; showing that Jesus has total control over evil spiritual forces and has the power to deliver us from them.

Living under Jesus’ authority involves renouncing the works of the evil one and seeking deliverance through Jesus. This involves seeking God in prayer, fasting, resisting temptation, and strengthening our intimacy with Him. By surrendering our lives totally to Jesus and allowing Him to cast out the forces of evil from us, we will experience the freedom and restorative power that only He can give us.

3. A reação das pessoas diante da autoridade de Jesus.

Em Marcos 1:27, vemos mais uma vez que as pessoas ficaram maravilhadas e questionavam-se: “Que vem a ser isto? Uma nova doutrina, com tal autoridade, que até manda nos espíritos impuros e eles obedecem-Lhe!” A autoridade de Jesus é inegável e desperta o desejo de O conhecermais profundamente.

3. The people’s reaction to Jesus’ authority.

In Mark 1:27, we see once again that the people were amazed and wondered, “What is this? A new doctrine, with such authority that he even commands unclean spirits and they obey Him!” Jesus’ authority is undeniable and arouses the desire to know Him even deeper.

Thus, living under Jesus’ authority implies bearing witness to his liberating action in our lives, sharing his love and his Word with other people. We are therefore called to be witnesses to Jesus in our daily lives, sharing His message of salvation and manifesting His love in the way we live. By doing so, more people will be able to experience Jesus’ authority and transforming power.

In short, living under Jesus’ authority requires prioritizing his teachings, renouncing the works of the evil one and sharing His love with others. By doing this, we will experience Jesus’ authority and transforming power in all areas of our lives and His liberation.


– Ask: “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.”

– Renounce sin, evil and the devil whenever tempted.

– Fast from one meal.