18th december 2022

Learning from Joseph and Mary entering God’s plan.

Finding: Things don’t always happen as we imagine! Disappointment is part of our life!

Mary imagined a beautiful marriage to Joseph, a quiet house in Nazareth, having some time as a couple with Joseph before discovering that she was pregnant and then giving birth to a beautiful baby that would look like Joseph, etc. Joseph imagined … Mary and Joseph imagined…


How to overcome the disappointment to enter the project of God?


  1. Choosing where to focus my attention
  • If I think of myself or the voice of the world, I react to the deceit…

– Complaining: “I have the right…  that’s why I want it!”

– Depressing: “Anyway, I don’t deserve it…”

– Envying, “Why do others have it and I don’t?”

– Accusing: “It’s not fair! what did I do to God to deserve this?”


  • If I center on the voice of God, I react to the deceit…

– Listening to what God says to me in his Word (Bible)

– Seeking to discover the voice of God in the voice of those who are around me: friends, spouse, brothers, priest, etc.


  1. Accepting God’s Plan
  • Doing an act of trust: “Lord, I know that you love me and that you do everything to cooperate for the good of those who love you!” (Romans 8:28)
  • Doing an act of humility: “My God, I believe you know better than I do what is good for me!”
  • Making an act of abandonment: “God my Father, I deliver my life and my projects into your hands. Take care of it! “


  1. Obeying!

Obeying reveals the quality of my relationship with God. “Jesus replied: “Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?” John 11:40

  • Obedience = Love + Trust + Action.

Because I know that God loves me, I believe in what He tells me – I trust Him – and because I trust, I do what He tells me to do.

– Action without Love = Ritualism

– Love without Action = Bla-bla-bla, only words


  • How to obey?

– Immediately: as long as you don’t, you’re disobeying!

“When Joseph awoke from sleep, he did as the Angel of the Lord had commanded him and received his wife. ” Mathew 1:24

– Continuously: if you stop, you’re disobeying Him!

– Sacrificially: accept losing to win!


PPP – In contrariety…

… stop grumble and entrust to God what is against you!

… says, “My God, I think you know better than I what’s good for me!

… obey: do immediately (now) what God said.